Thursday, February 2, 2012

Qualifying Exam

I must admit, I forgot about this page that I made.. I entered a Google search for "UML plastics qualifying exam," and this was the fifth page to turn up.

Anyways, I am anxiously awaiting my results from taking the qualify exam two weeks ago. That's right, two weeks. Could you imagine having to wait two weeks to find the results to a test that decides your future?

Here is how the test works:
Closed book: 2 Questions in 4 subjects (Materials, Design, Processing, Properties) 4 hours to complete. Go home, cry yourself to sleep. Then come back the next day and repeat the test for the open book section.
You need to pass 2 questions in each subject and 11/16 overall.

I can say hands down, this exam is the most miserable experience I have willingly put myself through. I studied for three weeks like it was a full time job. Between gathering information from other students, arranging study sessions with teachers asking questions, and having group studies with classmates, I have to had put in at least 40 hours per week. Actually taking the test was one of the most stressful experiences of my life. I have had nightmares about not knowing answers to simple questions, running out of time, and only getting two questions right on the entire exam.

I really hope that I passed, because I know that it would take a lot for me to put myself through this again. Stay tuned...


  1. great post by Guthrie Gordon

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  2. Hey past me: Nut-up or shutup! No one is going to give you a PhD for showing up! This isn't T-ball.

    You (we) passed btw, stop whining.

    -Future Guthrie